Art Stream brings your artwork to life! Here’s how:

Provide us with HD photographs of your works of art. 

  1. We create 45-second HD videos from each image.
  2. Each video traces a custom motion path. We pan and zoom using transitions that complement each work of art.
  3. We overlay your contact information on each video.
  4. Then, we post your videos on our Roku TV channel, Art Stream Videos.

Our goal is to put you in contact with MORE people to help you sell MORE art.

STEP 1 – Select a monthly payment plan
that suits your budget.

Artist Basic – $5 per month for 5 videos. PLUS:

  • Worldwide visibility in all current and future Roku countries: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Reports with number of views for each of your videos.
  • Two months of FREE advertising for completing our Survey.

Artist Standard – $10 per month for 12 videos. All the above PLUS:

  • Custom Roku subchannel — Your own channel on Art Stream Videos with ONLY your videos.  This is especially suited for in-home events where you only want your works to be seen. Features include: Play, Play All, Next, Previous, Pause, FF.  Direct your clients with Roku TVs to your channel where they can see your available works of art.
  • Additional promotion — We link to your website or buy site on our Blog, Newsletters, Facebook, and elsewhere.

STEP 2 – Upload HD photos of your works

  • Format: Images must be JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, PNG; RGB color space
  • File Size: >3000 x 2000 pixels
  • Image Size: <70MB
  • Orientation: Landscape is best but portrait is OK.

Only high resolution images or scans are acceptable.

STEP 3 – Provide information about each work

  • Artist Name
  • Title
  • Size (inches)
  • Medium
  • Link (to your home page or buy site)
  • Contact Info (phone or email, city, and state)

All artwork is subject to approval. Video production, custom subchannel creation, and curation takes about 72 hours. We will send you a confirmation email when your works are visible on Roku TV.

The end result is a completely new,  secure and affordable advertising channel on Roku TV with local, regional, national and international exposure. However, you still have complete control over what works are shown. And you can upgrade or end our service at any time.

We do all the work so you can focus on creating art…