Q: What file specifications are required?

A:  All of your images must be in JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, or PNG format.  The smallest dimension of the image must be at least 3000 pixels. Save at the highest resolution possible. This results in a total file size of approximately 8 MB to 50 MB. If possible, save in RGB color space. No image can exceed 70MB.

If your photographs are too low resolution to support zooming, please have them re-photographed or scanned professionally.

Q: How do I transfer my files to Art Stream Videos?

A: After you register, login and use our View/Upload utility to upload your images. Enter data about each work of art (i.e. title and size) and provide your contact information so interested buyers can contact you directly.

Q:  How do I find and play my videos on Roku?

A: Use your Roku remote and press the Home button, then:

  • Scroll down to “Search
  • Enter “art [space] st
  • Use the right arrow button to select our channel: “Art Stream Videos
  • To play all “Fine Art and Photography” select any starting image and press “Play All“.

Q: I want to play Art Stream Videos on my new HD TV, especially during dinner parties, but after about 1 hour I get a bouncing Roku logo.

A: Roku has built-in timeout (screen saver) function that causes the default bouncing Roku logo to appear after a period of time.  To fix it, use your Roku remote and select: “Settings” then “Screensaver” then “Wait time” then “Disable screensaver.”

Alternatively, press the moon icon on your Roku remote and set “Sleep timer” to OFF.

Q:  I want to contact an one of your artist to purchase, but the contact information scrolls by too fast. How do I stop the video?

A: Use your Roku remote and press the Pause button. Then press it again to restart Art Stream Videos. You can also press the Fast Forward button or the Back button to advance to the next video, or repeat the last video.

Q: How are payments handled?

A: Monthly recurring payments are handled via PayPal. We also accept most credit cards.  You can end your payments at any time.  In that case we will remove your videos from our system.

Q: I  heard you can provide free advertising to artists and galleries. How does this work?

A: After you register and upload your images, visit our Survey page.  We will provide two additional months of free advertising if you respond. And this is your chance to suggest future new services and features.