Protecting Your Images

Our survey revealed that one major concern is the risk of the theft of images of your works. This article discusses the issues involved and suggest solutions for extra protection especially as it relates to our service, Art Stream Videos. Fundamentals of U.S. Copyright Law. According to U.S. copyright law, an artist’s works are automatically copyrighted […]

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Best Hardware for Viewing Art Stream Videos

If you have a new TV, perhaps one of the new High Dynamic Range-enabled (HDR) TVs from Samsung or a 4K OLED TV from LG, you are probably looking forward to quenching that new video thirst you experienced at Best Buy or Costco when you first experienced their gorgeous clips. These demos show jaw-dropping detail, often […]

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A New Way to Market Fine Art
Art Stream Videos

Your art is like your baby.  And just like new parents you want to show your new child to as many interested people as possible. You just know someone will appreciate your baby just as much as you do. But finding the best ways to market your art can have you posting images all over […]

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Using Art Stream Videos to View and Purchase Works of Art
art stream videos

Every artist wants as many people as possible to see their work. But how do they reach the largest number of interested buyers at the least possible cost? Our new art advertising channel on Roku Although traditional advertising such as print media and online galleries allow artists to get their works in front of potential […]

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Using Motion to Attract Viewers to Purchase Fine Art

If you have ever watched a Ken Burns documentary you have seen the Ken Burns effect. Burns successfully used the technique of slow panning and zooming and fading transitions between frames to put static images into motion. But what if this method were refined and delivered directly into homes and businesses to help promote works […]

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